In Progress:

Garcia, B., The Small Lot Ordinance in LA: Affordable Housing
Becomes Gentrification? Zoning Practice.

Garcia, B., Regional Irrigation and International Comparisons:
California’s High Speed Rail Prospects. Regional Studies, Regional

Garcia, B.,Civic Entrepreneurialism: A Public Transport Boom in the
Age of Crisis. The Urban Fringe, A Practitioners Blog by the Berkeley
Planning Journal. 


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Retail and the Territorialisation of Public Space, by Mattias Karrholm,
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Education: the Pedagogical Challenge of Mobile Knowledge and
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Dimitris Ballas, Danny Dorling, and Benjamin Hennig, Bristol, Policy
Press, 2014. Urban Research & Practice, 8, 1, 135-136.

Garcia, B. (2014) Strategic Intensification of Polycentric Cities;
Examining the Catalytic Potential of Urban Rail Projects. In Cardoso,
R. (Ed.), Taking Planning Forward; PhD Research Projects on the
Centenary of the Bartlett School of Planning 1914-2014 (pages 3-4).
England: The PhD Community at the Bartlett School of Planning.

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Art, Design and Cartography, by Claire Dobbin, Farnham: Lund
Humphries in association with London Transport Museum, 2012.
Planning Perspectives, 29, 1, 123-124.

Garcia, B. (2013) Review in the Development Planning Unit, University
College London’s Summer Lab Workshop, Leveraging the city as a
laboratory for developing socially responsive design strategies:
Medellin, Santiago, Rome, London.

Garcia, B., (2013) Review of Urban Maps Instruments and
Interpretation in the City by Richard Brook and Nick Dunn, 2011, for
the Urban Geography Research Group, Book Review Series.

Published Thesis:

Garcia, B., Conceptual Street Art as a Means of Democratic
Participation. Ann Arbor; ProQuest Information and Learning